DryLyte™ Battery Advantages

DryLyte Battery Advantages

Superior Safety

  • Non-flammable solid electrolyte and polymer separator
  • Inherent immunity to thermal runaway
DryLyte Battery Advantages

Higher Usable Energy

  • Best-in-class specific energy (Wh/kg)
  • ~2x advantage in usable pack energy per weight vs. Li-ion
DryLyte Battery Advantages

Longer Lifetime

  • Industry-leading lifetime with robust high temperature operation
  • Minimal capacity fade over thousands of cycles
DryLyte Battery Advantages

Lower Cost-of-ownership

  • Cost equivalent per kW-hour to Li-ion
  • Longer lifetime in application

Spotlight on Safety

Seeo’s batteries have been evaluated by 3rd party labs using standard test protocols as defined by the US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC). Cells pictured here were subjected to crush testing on all axes at operating temperature. No thermal runaway or gassing was observed across all tested samples.

DryLyte Battery Advantages

DryLyte cells after USABC crush testing on X, Y, and Z axes.

Spotlight on Energy and Lifetime

In traditional electrochemical energy storage, there is a tradeoff in moving higher energy densities without compromising lifetime, safety, and reliability. By incorporating high energy electrodes with Seeo’s non-flammable solid electrolyte, DryLyte batteries overcome this constraint and offer best-in-class specific energy alongside stability and long life.

Lifetime in Application