DryLyte™ Battery Solutions

DryLyte battery solutions provide safe, high energy, lightweight storage ideal for demanding environments needing hours of reliable energy.

DryLyte Battery Advantages

Safe Materials

  • Non-flammable / Non-reactive Solid Polymer Electrolyte
  • Passes Industry Abuse Tests
DryLyte Battery Advantages

Reliable Solid Cells

  • Full Operation -40°C to 70°C
  • Superior Mechanical Regidity
  • Long Lifetime
DryLyte Battery Advantages

High Energy Lithium-Ion Technology

  • Best-in-Class Specific Energy
  • No Memory Effect

Spotlight on Energy and Lifetime

In traditional electrochemical energy storage, there is a tradeoff in moving higher energy densities without compromising lifetime, safety, and reliability. By incorporating high energy electrodes with Seeo’s non-flammable solid electrolyte, DryLyte batteries overcome this constraint and offer best-in-class specific energy alongside stability and long life.