Electric Grid

Renewable power sources such as wind and solar not only address our global needs for emissions reduction but also help cut electricity transmission costs by locating generation assets nearer to the customer. These distributed sources produce power intermittently, introducing challenges to both the energy consumer and the grid operator that limit the realization of such benefits. Long-lasting, efficient energy storage unlocks these opportunities by:

  • Banking energy for use during high-demand periods
  • Avoiding spikes in grid-provided electricity during peak periods
  • Providing grid and load-related services, such as spinning reserve and backup power

Key Benefits

Seeo’s DryLyte™ battery is ideally suited for grid applications; key advantages over current electricity storage solutions include:

  • Robust calendar and cycle life to match the reliability of renewable generation assets
  • High system-level roundtrip efficiency
  • Durability at high-temperatures
  • Modular form factor to build capacity as needed
  • Small footprint to reduce transportation and siting costs

Proven Performance

Seeo has partnered with SunEdison, a leading provider of solar power solutions, to demonstrate the benefits of pairing advanced energy storage with rooftop photovoltaic generation for both commercial and residential customers.