Materials & Manufacturing

Solid-State Battery Materials

Solid-State Battery Materials

Seeo’s block copolymer solid electrolyte with alternating hard-conductive domains

Seeo’s DryLyte™ electrolyte achieves the necessary conductivity and mechanical requirements to enable a new generation of high energy batteries that are safer, higher capacity, lighter weight and more reliable. Materials used for DryLyte are widely available and used in conventional polymer-based products including plastics and pharmaceuticals. High-volume production of the DryLyte electrolyte utilizes standard industrial-size chemical reactors. All other cell, module and pack materials are commonly used in production of conventional Li-ion batteries.


Standard Manufacturing

While DryLyte chemistry is unique, the pouch cell manufacturing process and equipment is standard and in widespread use throughout the industry. The DryLyte manufacturing flow is largely similar to Li-ion, with the exception of a polymer coating step that also uses standard equipment. Quality control processes using large-format cell production equipment including mixers, coaters, assembly and testing machines have been designed and optimized for high-yield manufacturing. This ensures product scalability at competitive cost.

Cell R&D, pilot production and testing are carried out at Seeo’s Hayward, CA facility. The Seeo San Diego facility manages module/pack design, standard and custom testing programs, as well BMS design and software optimization. Seeo’s Shanghai office is primarily responsible for material and component sourcing.

DryLyte coating line at Seeo’s headquarters in Hayward, CA.