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September 15, 2015

Bosch has groundbreaking battery technology for electric vehicles

Acquisition in California: Seeo Inc. to be part of Bosch
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January 14, 2015

Seeo Awarded USABC Contract for Technology Assessment

High Energy Density Electric Vehicle Battery to be Independently Evaluated
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December 9, 2014

Seeo Closes Funding Round and Adds Samsung Ventures

Lithium Polymer Battery Maker Targets 400Wh/kg Product
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News Coverage

Bosch has groundbreaking battery technology for electric vehicles

"With the new solid-state cells, Bosch sees the potential to more than double energy density by 2020, and at the same time reduce the costs considerably further. ……… Thanks to its acquisition of Seeo, Inc., Bosch now possesses the first sample cells which have the potential to meet the high standards of the automotive industry where durability and safety are concerned." Link

Bosch Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Hit EV Market Within 5 Years

"Part of the claim for production-readiness in under 5 years is due to the company’s acquisition of the startup Seeo, it claims, as well as internal developments." Link

The $5 Billion Race to Build a Better Battery

"Khosla Ventures and Samsung Venture Investment bet $17 million on Eitouni’s Seeo, bringing venture funding to more than $42 million since 2007. Eitouni, 37, says his latest rolled packets of lithium polymer cells are the size of a briefcase and hold two to three times the energy per weight of today’s liquid lithium battery. That’s key for electric vehicles to travel more than 200 miles per charge." Link

USABC Awards $298,736 Contract To Seeo Inc. For Battery Module Testing

"Seeo will deliver several hundred cells from [a] pilot manufacturing line assembled in battery modules, each module providing 1.65 kWh storage capacity." Link

USABC to evaluate Seeo Li-poly batteries with an eye to EV applications

"The contract encompasses a third-party assessment of the technical characteristics of Seeo’s high energy density batteries and validation of characteristics anticipated for electric vehicle applications. Co-funded by the US Department of Energy, the contract has a value of $298,736, including a 50% cost share by Seeo." Link

A Prototype Battery Could Double the Range of Electric Cars

"Startup Seeo has developed batteries that store far more energy than conventional ones, which could extend the range of electric cars...An experimental lithium-ion battery based on materials developed at a U.S. Department of Energy lab stores twice as much energy as the batteries used in most electric cars." Link

Samsung Ventures Leads $17M Round In Lithium-Polymer Battery Maker Seeo

"Seeo’s rechargeable lithium batteries are built using a proprietary non-flammable polymer electrolyte it calls “DryLyte,” which it claims is safer than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The company says that its batteries are smaller, but capable of maintaining the same performance regardless of outside conditions like temperature. Seeo is currently developing batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles; electric grids; telecom infrastructure like data centers; and consumer electronics." Link

Seeo Gets $17 Million Venture Round for Batteries Led by Samsung

"Seeo will use the funding from Samsung Ventures to continue to develop its lightweight lithium-polymer battery technology, the Hayward, California-based company said in an e-mailed statement today. Existing investors Khosla Venture and GSR Ventures also joined in the funding." Link

Battery startup Seeo finds a backer in Samsung

"Korean electronics giant Samsung is one of the largest producers of batteries in the world, and the funding could not only help Seeo get closer to bringing its batteries to market, but the investment is also a vote of confidence in the early stage startup’s battery technology." Link

Samsung Leads $17M Investment In Battery Startup For More Efficient, Less Flammable Electric Vehicles

"Any advancements in battery technology is slow going. Between the time and money it takes to get the technology off the ground, startups in this area have a long road to tread...Today, it looks like battery startup Seeo is getting a bit more time with a $17 million Series E investment. Samsung Ventures took the lead in the investment. Existing investors Khosla Ventures and GSR Ventures also contributed to the round." Link

Samsung drives $17M investment round in Seeo to help build better batteries for electric cars

"Batteries offer perhaps the greatest opportunity for innovation in the technology realm. Whoever figures out a way to pack a bigger punch into a smaller space will undoubtedly make a lot of money, which perhaps explains why Seeo is seeing so much interest from investors...But what’s perhaps most interesting about this deal is who’s putting up the cash. The round is being led by Samsung’s investment arm, Samsung Ventures, though earlier investors Khosla Ventures and GSR Ventures are also participating." Link

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Seeo has been selected as one of the 2012 GoingGreen Global 200 Top Private Companies.

Named to 2011 Global Cleantech 100 Company list.

2011 Winner of TiE Global’s award recognizing top Energy Technology Startups

Dr. Hany Eitouni was selected by Technology Review magazine as one of the top young innovators of 2010. Selected from more than 300 nominees by a panel of expert judges and the editorial staff of Technology Review, the TR35 is an elite group of accomplished young innovators who exemplify the spirit of innovation in the fields of medicine, computing, communication, energy and nanotechnology.

2009 Going Green Award Winner for Energy Storage Systems selected by AlwaysOn.

Seeo and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory were jointly awarded the R&D 100 Award by R&D Magazine in 2008 for nanostructured polymer electrolytes in rechargeable lithium batteries.


Seeo was awarded $6.2M from the Department of Energy as part of the Smart Grid and Energy Storage demonstration program. This 4-year project supports development and deployment of a battery pack using Seeo’s proprietary nanostructured polymer electrolyte. The battery pack is targeted for utility-scale storage operations with an initial focus on Community Energy Storage applications.

Seeo was selected for a $4.9M award from the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies program. The project supports development of high-energy solid state cells suited for electric drive vehicle applications. Independent performance, reliability and safety testing are being conducted in accordance with automotive industry standards for lithium-ion batteries.

With support from the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, Seeo has partnered with SunEdison to develop an Energy Storage System (ESS) that pairs Seeo’s battery pack with control analytics designed to optimize performance of a joint solar and energy storage installation.  The program combines a field demonstration with an evaluation of financing structures that can be deployed to accelerate the adoption of distributed PV with advanced energy storage.

Seeo received a grant from the California Energy Commission in support of the Department of Energy Smart Grid and Energy Storage Demonstration program. The Energy Commission grant provides cost share funding to Seeo.