Seeo is focused on delivering battery solutions to electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) manufacturers who require significant improvements in battery energy density, safety and reliability. With today’s energy density performance, even limited EV range requires a conventional Li-ion battery pack that takes up nearly half the cargo space and adds considerable weight to an average sedan – even small 80-mile range packs contain 20% of vehicle weight. Larger packs contain over 30% of vehicle weight in the battery pack, forcing fleet vehicle operators to make an unappealing tradeoff between cargo payload and range. Such constraints stifle driver acceptance and add to the myth that electric energy storage cannot match the price-performance of internal combustion in consumer and commercial vehicles.

Key Benefits

Seeo’s DryLyte™ vehicle-class battery systems offer:

  • Best-in-class energy content per system weight and volume
  • A fundamentally safe materials platform based on Seeo’s non-flammable solid polymer electrolyte
  • Reliable cycle life performance utilizing a wide (90%) depth-of-discharge window
  • Robust shelf life performance across a wide temperature range
  • Simple, low-cost thermal management
  • Excellent tolerance to abuse conditions, including overcharge, overdischarge and short-circuit